DJI has a whopping 72% market share among Kittyhawk users

In case it wasn’t already clear that DJI has a mammoth market share in the drone industry, newly revealed data from Kittyhawk proves it.

San Francisco-based drone flight planning startup Kittyhawk analyzed all its user data to put together a comprehensive list of the most popular drones used by its customers.

Kittyhawk customers use its software for a range of drone-related tasks, whether it’s in the media, oil and gas or transportation industry.


By far, the DJI Mavic Pro is the most popular drone out there — totaling more than 21% of all drones entered into the Kittyhawk database. The Phantom 4 comes in at No. 2, making up just under 10% of all Kittyhawk registered drones Other DJI drones, including the Inspire line, the Spark and others in the Phantom line, round out spots three through seven.

The first non-DJI drone to appear in Kittyhawk’s ranking of most commonly owned drones is the Solo, made by California-based drone startup 3D Robotics.  The Solo’s market share is just 1.73%.

The Typhoon H, made by Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec, is the only non-DJI drone on the list with just a 1.32% market share. As for other well-known drones, they’re not exactly widely used.

“The GoPro Karma only shows up a disappointing few hundred times in our database,” according to an analysis from Kittyhawk.

Kittyhawk did note that there are some biases in their data which could skew these numbers. Kittyhawk has an integration with DJI, allowing their customers to fly DJI aircraft directly through Kittyhawk’s software. While it can be used with other drones, the software offers a pretty clear selection bias through DJI.

But Kittyhawk’s numbers fall very much in line with other similar datasets.

DJI has a 72% global market share across all price points, and an even higher share (87%) of the core $1,000–$1,999 price segment, according to the 2017 Drone Market Sector Report by Skylogic Research.

And DJI’s figures only appear to be on the rise. DJI had just a 50% market share in Skylogic Research’s 2016 version of the same report.

Skylogic Research, 2017 Drone Market Sector Report

The news follows a trend that Drone Girl has been documenting for the past few years: DJI is a behemoth, and no other drone company has managed to even come close to keeping up. 3D Robotics burned through about $100 million of venture capital, laid off most of its staff and pivoted to enterprise software, leaving its once-lauded Solo to become all but defunct. GoPro laid off hundreds of employees in a few different layoff rounds, struggling to prove its drone was worthwhile after a recall due to reports that Karma drones were falling from the sky. Lily, a widely-hyped drone that never actually made it to market, called it quits completely, though was recently acquired by Mota and re-released as something not even close to its originally-marketed form.

Kittyhawk’s data was released earlier this week as part of a new series of news releases called Kittyhawk Insights. Kittyhawk maintains that its customer-specific data is not shared with anyone unless specified by the customer, and the insights shared are all non-customer identifiable.

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