Here’s your ultimate travel guide to flying a drone in Europe

Wondering where you should head for your next vacation? Consider making a drone vacation through Europe. That’s right: pick your tour spots based off where you can get the best pictures from your drone.

The Case Farm, a U.K.-based drone company that makes durable drone cases, including waterproof ones, came up with a dream vacation travel itinerary through Europe.

This dream-worthy itinerary covers a range of spots around Europe, from the rugged highlands of Scotland to the beautiful blue waters surrounding Croatia.

Before traveling international with a drone, check the individual drone laws in that country. Some countries have laws around the value of possessions you bring into that country, and others have strict privacy laws dictating whether you can take pictures with a drone — not just whether you can fly it.

UAV Coach has a really excellent master list of drone laws by country. There you can find out if you need to register, if you need a license, and if you can even bring that drone into the country. Though, sometimes it seems laws change on an almost-daily basis, so I would also check with each country’s aviation regulatory agency’s website as well.

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Personally I love flying drones internationally — it’s a great way to stretch yourself and explore new spots.

I had a blast exploring the coast of Noosa, Australia after World of Drones Congress in Brisbane, or even had a blast making flights not too far from home, such as in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas after Interdrone!

What are you waiting for? Check out this amazing itinerary, get planning your trip and prepare to drone!


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