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Watch the entire stream of Thursday’s Girls Who Drone event featuring Intel and the drone light show team

Missed the 2nd ever Girls Who Drone event? You can watch the entire livestream here (thanks to Hamilton Nguyen for shooting it!):

The event, held Thursday at the Samsung NEXT office in San Francisco, featured Cindy Ng, marketing director of the Intel Drone Group.

Intel’s drone light shows are a form of nighttime entertainment and have flown at events such as Coachella, the Super Bowl and Walt Disney World.  They have flew over the skies of Los Angeles for an event promoting Wonder Woman and over the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas for CES 2018. Most recently, they set a new record for flying 1,218 drones simultaneously over the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The drones recreated the shape of icons like a snowboarder and the Olympic rings.

Ng shared some personal stories that shed light on what it is like watching the drone shows in person. She let the audience feel an Intel drone for themselves. She revealed little-known details, such as that the drone light shows are wildly popular among corporate clients particularly in the Middle East and Asia. She shared just how much effort goes into planning each light show (many months of planning, plus multiple days ahead of the event on-site).

And the event was a huge success! Here are just a few of the social media posts from the event:

.@TheDroneGirl is kicking off the “Girls Who Drone” event to a packed house. Excited to hear more about the @intel drone program!

— Kittyhawk (@kittyhawkio) February 16, 2018

digital fireworks! no pollution, no sensory overload! #accessible #inclusive

— Joe Speed??? (@JoeSpeeds) February 16, 2018

Here are the @intel shooting star drone specs from the “Girls Who Drone” event @TheDroneGirl is hosting.

— Kittyhawk (@kittyhawkio) February 16, 2018

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Huge thanks to Samsung NEXT and particularly Principal Investor Siggi Hindrichs, for working tirelessly to make the event possible. Many drone conferences cost hundreds of dollars to attend, so I can’t thank Samsung NEXT enough for making drones even more exclusive by opening the event to all people — and not just those able to afford a ticket.

What type of event would you like to see for our third meetup? Leave a comment below!!

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