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DJI Ronin-S brings drone-like video to DSLR, mirrorless cameras

Editor’s Note: A year after the Ronin-S launched in 2018, DJI announced the Ronin-SC. That product, which came out in July 2019, is smaller, lighter, and — yes, even cheaper — than its predecessor. Learn more about the DJI Ronin-SC.

DJI has launched the Ronin-S at CES 2018 in Last Vegas, bringing silky, drone-like video to DSLR and mirrorless cameras via its gimbal technology.

The Chinese dronemaker has been making single-handed camera stabilizers for smartphones and its own cameras for the past few years through its Osmo product line. It has also made larger rigs for DSLR cameras through its Ronin line. But the Ronin-S promises to combine the best of both worlds by creating a gimbal for high-end cameras that isn’t bulky or complicated to set up.

ronin-s dji gimbal camera

The Ronin-S says it is compatible with a range of cameras including the Canon 5D series,  Nikon D series, Sony Alpha series, Panasonic GH series and Olympus OM-D series.

It is still not clear how much weight the gimbal can support, which means users who need to shoot with large telephoto lenses or other accessories may want to think twice before committing to the Ronin-S.

Prices and shipping will be announced in the second quarter of 2018.

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