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This Aura drone is controlled entirely via glove — and learning to fly it is totally hilarious

Fascinated by the idea of gesture-controlled drones like the DJI Spark, but not willing to drop more than $100?

This Aura drone from KD Interactive is controlled entirely via a glove — and it is just $99.

The drone embodies the spirit of a Jedi using the Force — you don a controller on your wrist, and control it entirely with the movement of your hands.aura drone gesture control toy kd robotics

There’s no RC transmitter or phone app involved, so the control of the drone entirely is up to the way you wave your hand. Tilt your hand up, and the drone flies higher. Tilt your palm toward your body, and the drone comes to the ground. A certain flick of your wrist will also make the drone flip.

aura drone cage

The cage surrounding the outside of the drone is a smart safety feature — protecting the drone AND your walls.

It is certainly not something that is easy to fly at first (when compared with drones that have traditional RC joysticks) but that’s the fun of it. This drone is utterly hilarious to learn how to fly.  And once you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly easy.

Here’s how it works: put a glove on your hand, then attach a watch-like controller around the palm of your hand.

The glove control is a little tricky to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it, it’s easy!

The Aura drone’s wrist controller has a takeoff and land button — a handy feature in case the drone flies out of control and an emergency landing is needed. Smart drone design also comes with propeller guards already installed. You’ll inevitably crash into a few walls, so the propeller guards keep everything safe and unscathed.

The drone has 5-7 minutes of flight time — but given that you likely will have some crashes in there, it’s much longer than that in terms of play time. It comes with a range of 23 feet, but you wouldn’t want the drone to go much farther than that anyway given the gesture control.

The drone does not have a camera which may be disappointing for some, but given the low price point, that’s reasonable. If you absolutely need a camera, look elsewhere — but that’s not the intent of this drone.

The Aura drone is definitely something for the dronies out there who enjoy flying purely for the fun of it — or are looking for a new mode of flying. It’s not something you would be able to race or take pictures with, but it’s the perfect gift for lots of laughs. It is well priced and loads of fun — and a completely innovative, different idea. It is a totally hilarious Christmas gift that not just dronies — but the whole family will have fun with.aura drone girl


  • DroneZon says:

    Sure looks like a fun drone. Maybe it could have a use in physio therapy for someone to learn hand movement and coordination again. Or something along those lines.

  • wilis says:

    very fun

  • WOW! This Aura drone is really a cool product in my opinion simply because you can control it with a glove which is something I didn’t see any other drone can do (minus DJI Spark but it’s way more expensive than this one). In the pictures you have posted I can see that it gave you a lot of fun flying around and waving your hand to control the drone. I need to get one of this myself and see how it all works. It is definitely a drone that I will use just for pure fun experience and to feel like a Jedi myself 🙂

  • garethotwell says:

    Wow! Looks very fun!

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