Aerix just made the ultimate indoor drone racing kit

Want to get into “Tiny Whoop”-style racing?

The Aerix drone racing kit is the complete package for getting into indoor drone racing. It’s called the Nano FPV Indoor Drone Racing Package, and for $245 (* currently on sale for $195!) offers everything you need to get started drone racing, including the controller, goggles, and even light-up archways to fly through.

The drone looks similar to the wildly popular “Tiny Whoop” drone, an ultra-lite, pocket sized drone with rounded ducts around the blades for safety.

The drone works with most 5.8ghz FPV products, should you decide to upgrade to different gear.

You can also set the controls so you can have 8 different drones racing at the same time.

One of the fun “extras” that helps this kit stand out is a set of 5 12-inch, glowing neon indoor racing hoops, so you can create a racetrack in your own home.

The whole kit comes with:

  • A Nano FPV ready-to-race drone
  • The drone comes with a 5.8ghz FPV camera installed
  • A 2.4ghz ready-to-fly transmitter (controller)
  • A 5.8ghz, rechargeable 2-in-1 FPV monitor/goggle set
  • 5 12-inch glowing neon indoor drone racing hoops
  • A set of spare blades and 2 spare 200mah 3.7v rechargeable drone batteries

Out of all the racing drone kits I have reviewed, this one was definitely my favorite. It was incredibly easy to setup. The longest setup was simply deciding where I wanted to put my glowing hoops in my attic.

A lot of racing drones unfortunately always seem to exclude one piece of the puzzle to make it work as an FPV package, whether it’s making you purchase your own goggles, memory card or something. This drone had everything you needed in the kit to fly, and once charged up, you could start flying right away. No painful calibration or syncing of pieces required. The Aerix drone racing kit was by far the most enjoyable experience I’ve had from unboxing to flying when it comes to racing drones.

This drone is technically in the toy category of drones, meaning it won’t hold its altitude, so it’s not exactly easy to fly. But — that’s the point of racing drones, the challenge.

If you’re looking to getting into drone racing, this is the easiest — and one of the lowest cost ways to get into it. For less than $200, the Aerix indoor drone racing kit is a must-add to your wish list.

Happy flying!


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