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Intel’s Wonder Woman drone light show powered by all-female crew

Three hundred drones flying through Los Angeles, Calif. in a “Wonder Woman”-inspired light show has brought all new meaning to the concept of ‘girl power.’ That’s all due to a giant Wonder Woman drone light show.

An all-female operations team at Intel, helmed by general manager Natalie Cheung, put together the Wonder Woman drone light show using the company’s Shooting Star drones for a Warner Bros. event at Dodger Stadium in September 2017.

Intel’s drones have been serving as nighttime entertainment at events such as Coachella, the Super Bowl and Walt Disney World

For the Wonder Woman drone show, the drones flew in the shape of the logo, words like ‘Power,’ ‘Grace,’ ‘Wisdom,’ and ‘Wonder,’ and even created the shape of Wonder Woman herself.

“When I saw “Wonder Woman” on opening night back in June, I left the movie feeling energized – a similar feeling to when our drones create magic in the sky,” Cheung said.

The live performance was accompanied by a musical performance from cellist Tina Guo.

Watch the entire Wonder Woman drone light show here:

And what actually went into putting on that Wonder Woman drone light show? Intel put out a separate video offering up a behind-the-scenes peek at how they did it:

And for an even more detailed, behind-the-scenes look, here’s a Drone Girl exclusive. Cheung joined me at my Girls Who Drone event in San Francisco, California to reveal little-known details about Intel’s drone light show corporate clients, and to illuminate how much effort goes into planning each light show. Watch the entire video recording of the Girls Who Drone light show presentation here.

While it’s not clear how much the Dodgers and Warner Brothers paid for this exact event, it’s safe to say that drone light shows aren’t exactly cheap.

Here were the base prices for Intel’s drone light shows according to their official site as of 2020, which included on-site operations, animations, rehearsals, aviation permits, and site survey:

Number of drones:200300500500+
Show includes:Solid, 2D shapes and imageryMore volumetric, 3D shapes and animationsHigher resolution imagery, more dimension, detail, and more complex animations and scenesThe most premium experience
Starting Price:$99,000$199,000$299,000Contact Intel for a custom quote

But for a Wonder Woman drone light show? Absolutely worth it.

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