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Chime is next real estate company to make a bet on drones

The next time you buy or sell a home, a drone might be involved.

The market for drones in real estate is projected to hit $68 million in the U.S. and $265 million globally, according to a 2016 report from Goldman Sachs.

And today, real estate operating system developer Chime announced its leap into the drone world.

The real estate startup announced its exclusive U.S. real estate distribution rights with Simtoo, the creator of the Dragonfly and Moment drones. Simtoo’s Moment drone has covered blades, designed to fly indoors, and also has facial recognition technology.

With Chime, a new piece of software is designed to enable agents to give virtual tours of homes, live streaming the homes to a Facebook page or listing-specific site for interested buyers.

The idea is that the drones would prevent buyers from feeling pressure to attend open houses, and allow sellers the chance to offer just “drone open houses” so strangers don’t have to enter their homes.

Drones have been used for years in exterior real estate photography, and they’re increasingly being used in interiors too. DJI’s newest drone, the Spark, performs just as well indoors as outdoors, appealing to agents looking to fly drones to give clients tours. The DJI Spark also allows for live streaming to Facebook.

Back in 2015, real estate agent Douglas Trudeau became the first real estate agent to receive legal clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration to be able to fly drones commercially, receiving a 333 exemption to fly a Phantom 2 Vision + quadcopter.

And a myriad of companies like LuxQue and Above Summit promote their drones as a form of real estate marketing.

The National Association of Realtors has even set up a resource page to help realtors learn about the government’s drone regulations.

For the record, all pilots need to get a Part 107 license to use drones for commercial purposes. For more information on the Part 107 license and testing process, click here.

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