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EAA 2017: Here is all the drone mania you missed

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh just wrapped up — and there was more for dronies to see than ever before — including a peek at Amazon Drones.

EAA AirVenture is the world’s largest air show, and it focuses on all things aviation, from traditional planes to homebuilt planes to skydiving.  590,000 people attended EAA this year a five percent increase over 2016. The airshow saw 17,223 aircraft operations in the day day period from July 21-30 for an average of 123 takeoffs or landings per hour.

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Amazon Prime Air drones took the center stage at the event.

And it turns out, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was even at the event — but not particularly for drones. Bezos was in Oshkosh to talk about Blue Origin, his other company that is working on space travel.

Human-carrying drones made their EAA debut this year. Ohio-based company Workhorse displayed its Surefly manned drone — a two passenger octocopter that is expected to fly at about 70 miles per hour. The drone wasn’t flying though; the drone is still in development but is expected to be flying by 2019 at a cost of $200,000 per drone.

In the realm of drones, EAA visitors were treated to a glimpse of  Google CEO Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk is the startup backed by Page that is working to create a form of personal transport that travels in the air. Its vehicle, called the Flyer, is a sort of hoverbike with drone-style propellers that can takeoff and land vertically, like most drones.

Most of the drone action occurred in the main drone exhibit, which included demos of drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro and an obstacle speed course.

Of course, my friends from Women and Drones were in attendance this year too — with some great swag!

Were you at EAA? Let me know your favorite part in the comments below!

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