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Here are the best drone photos of 2017, according to Dronestagram

Dronestagram just announced the winners of its fourth annual drone photo contest in partnership with National Geographic, and the images are more stunning than ever.

There were three photo categories: nature, urban and people, and the contest received thousands of entries from professional and amateur photographers around the world. The contest also announced a bonus round of winners in what they dubbed the “creative category.”

See the winners from the 2016 Dronestagram Photography Contest here.

Judges included National Geographic Deputy Director Patrick Witty and Photo editor Jeff Heimsath.

The winners played with shadows, like in Luke MaximoBell’s “Two Moo,” and played with light and color in Alexeygo’s “Dawn on Mercury Tower.” My personal favorite? “Waterlily” by helios1412.

Here were the winners of the contest (all images are courtesy of the entrants via Dronestagram):

Dronestagram contest winners: Nature Category

1st Prize: Provence, summer trim by jcourtial

2nd Prize: Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan

3rd Prize: Ice formation by Florian

Dronestagram contest winners: People Category

1st Prize: End of the line by Martin Sanchez


2nd Prize: Waterlily by helios1412

dronestagram waterlily

3rd Prize: La Vijanera by feelingmovie



Dronestagram contest winners: Urban Category

1st Prize: Concrete Jungle by bachirm


2nd Prize: Dawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygo


3rd Prize: Peace by luckydron





Dronestagram contest winners: Creative Category

Winner: Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell


Winner: Ugo le marin by rga


Winner: Next Level By macareuxprod


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