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6 online drone communities worth joining

Looking to connect with people in the drone world? It can be tricky to find dronies out in the world, but there are loads of online drone communities for any type of drone pilot. Are you a photographer? How about a policy wonk? Just looking to make some friends? There is an online community for you.

Of course there are plenty of other great news sites, blogs, Twitter accounts and IRL (in real life) drone communities to join. But for now, here are some of my favorite online drone communities (listed in no particular order):

  1. UAV Coach Community forum: This is one of my favorite forums for active discussion on general drone questions. The forums are broken down by industry, type of drone and more. The community forum is run by Drone Pilot Ground School creator Alan Perlman.
  2. NODE – A Drone Pilots Advocacy Group: For people interested in law and policy around drones, the Network of Drone Enthusiasts (NODE) is a fairly new grassroots group dedicated to representing drone pilots across the U.S. and Canada. While the FAA regulates the airspace in the U.S., many cities, counties and states have implemented additional regulations which can be difficult for drone pilots, and sometimes even conflict with FAA rules. The group is intended to give drone organizations a voice to collaborate with local legislators on developing reasonable and effective drone regulations that encourage drone use while protecting public safety. It’s worth noting that this group was launched by drone manufacturer DJI, which means there is likely some bias behind the intent of the group (to make sure you’re able to buy more of their drones, of course!).
  3. Amelia Droneharts: For a fantastic, female-only community of drone pilots around the world, Amelia Droneharts is the place to be. There’s a main webpage, but most of the chatter happens in their private Facebook group. For other awesome female communities, check out Girls Who Drone, a group for women in the San Francisco Bay Area
  4. AirVuz: Videographers should join AirVuz, a community of people looking to watch or upload aerial videos. The site also has donate and hire me buttons, for videographers who fly drones commercially. The community also has a pretty strong drone-racing slant, for people interested in racing or freestyle drones.
  5. SkyPixel: For photographers, SkyPixel is a community centered around aerial photography. Members can upvote each other’s photos, and experts are ranked based on votes. SkyPixel also holds an annual photo contest for its members, and the competition is pretty fierce. SkyPixel is run in partnership with DJI.
  6. Meetup: Meetup is actually how I found my first drone friends! Meetup is a site that organizes people from different cities based on different interests, and there are loads of drone-related meetups. There are drone policy meetups, drone racing meetups, drone building meetups and more! Search meetup for a drone group near the city you live in. While you can chat in the group, you’ll probably end up meeting up with the membersIRL! I didn’t know anyone who flew drones in my area, so I searched my city for the word “drone” and found a super awesome group!

What online drone communities are you a part of? I know there are loads more out there, so let us know which ones are your favorites. Leave a comment below!


  • Seth Zora says:

    Definitely CRPAA, Certified Remote Pilots Association of America!

  • DroneMinds says:

    I never heard of most of those, apart from of course, oh and i have seen Airvuz before. I love the name Amelia Droneharts though!

  • J'son says: of course!

  • I really like DIYDrones, RC Groups is another good one. gets the most traction, IMHO. I also think Curtis Dart does a phenomenal job running the DJI Phantom Facebook groups.

  • Kelly-Anne says:

    Some of the groups/ communities that I enjoy following are:
    -Amelia DroneHarts
    -FPV Labs
    -UAV Expert News
    -RC Groups

  • Thank you for sharing. I’m familiar with most of these communities, but I’ve never heard of SkyPixel. I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  • Jas says:

    I’m on Dronestagram

  • LuAnn Howland says:

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  • Thanks for sharing this information about online drone communities worth joining. Great Job………Keep it up…………

  • I’ve just started a new one Only just kicked off so please feel free to join. I’m very happy to accomodate the needs / wants of members.

  • Sam says:

    Follow me on instagram @sdrone246 for news in the drone industry and other drone photograpghy

  • Debra says:


    I am in search of a drone group or club that could assist this week with a scavenger hunt item, for charity. Do you have suggestions on the easiest way for me to make contact with some groups? Thank you.

  • Passenger drone –is it the next big thing?
    No, don’t make the mistake of thinking passenger drones to be a bigger version of those toys that kids fly at home. It’s much more than that and we will tell you why it has everything in it to become ‘the next big thing’ to hit the aerospace industry in the coming days.

    Drones have been extremely popular in recent years, but their use was restricted initially to recreation activities by hobbyists. But, slowly, the use of drones was extended to research activities and military operations as well. Commercial companies also started to explore the possibilities of their use in transporting merchandise. Post 2011, many commercial builders and developers have conducted experiments using short-duration manned drones to support the transportation of materials. Then came the concept of passenger drones. Also called the Drone Taxi, Pilotless Helicopter or a Flying Taxi-a passenger drone is a kind of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that can carry passengers. A commercial passenger drone was exhibited for the first time by Chinese entrepreneurs in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016. Named Ehang 184, this passenger taxi was capable of carrying a human and it opened up the door of enormous possibilities for the future.

    Present Pioneers in commercial passenger drones

    Bell Nexus Air Taxi
    This shiny passenger drone was showcased in the recently concluded CES 2019. This is a luxury project by Bell, one of the largest manufacturers of helicopters.

    eHang 184
    This machine is almost ready to hit the market and has been undergoing testing in Dubai for quite some time now. It is expected to roll out flying taxi service in Dubai at any time.

    Boeing PAV
    Boeing, a renowned name in the aerospace industry, has acquired Aurora Flight Sciences, who has done a considerable bit of research and testing in passenger drones. We heard they are becoming ready to go commercial this year itself.

    Airbus Vahana
    Airbus Vahana is testing single and two passenger drones, with the unmatched tools, materials and experience provided by the Airbus team. Inside information coming from Airbus suggests that their air-taxi service will carry passengers at the same price as that of a ground taxi in the USA.

    Volocopter, the German company has already obtained the license to fly a passenger drone. Its tail-less mini helicopter E-Volo or Intel Volocopter did its test flight in September 2017 itself. It has impressive safety feature of multiple propellers instead of the customary single propeller.

    They are reshaping the infrastructure for 45 million people that live in the Caribbean Islands using their sophisticated drones and software technologies. Their technology is designed to work under extreme conditions and lift heavy materials using electric power. Their T21 Raptor is designed for universal applications based on industry requirements. They have successfully operated our third small scale prototype and developing a full scale to clear a path for commercialization.

    The road ahead
    Passenger drone is based on a fairly new technology. A lot of grey areas need to be addressed before full-fledged use of passenger drones for civilian travel. Further improvements are still required in aerial drone control, traffic coordination and collision avoidance before the inevitable proliferation of ‘drone-taxis’ actually happens. A lot of work is being done to address these areas. Drone developers are also working tirelessly to overcome challenges such as airspace regulations, possible legal tangles, non-availability of data on drone safety operations, short flight time, noise etc. Once these issues are addressed, passenger drones are bound to find excessive use in commercial travel (as air-taxis) and healthcare (as air ambulance). We believe, that day is coming sooner than later.

  • Jhonsen says:

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  • Biff Blendon says:

    Is there an all-guy drone group?

  • Zena Drone says:

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