DJI’s partnership with Hasselblad leads to an 100-megapixel Frankendrone

The love child between DJI, the world’s largest drone maker and beloved professional photography brand Hasselblad is an 100-megapixel Frankendrone.

DJI announced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this week what is the first 100-megapixel integrated drone imaging platform.

The new product isn’t exactly a new product — it’s a mashup of existing products — the DJI M600 Pro drone, the Ronin-MX gimbal and the Hasselblad H6D-100c camera.

The Hasselblad camera has a massive 53.4 mm x 40.0 mm sensor. The drone is targeted at landscape and fine-art photographers, and surveyors or map-makers requiring robust data platforms.

The drone will be released in the third quarter of 2017, and the price has not yet been announced. But considering the M600 Pro currently retails for around $4,999, the Ronin MX retails for $1,599 and the  Hasselblad H6D-100c costs more than $30,000, this probably won’t be cheap.Hasselbald H6D-100CDJI  acquired a stake in Hasselblad at the end of 2015. The Swedish company manufactures high-end, highly specialized cameras, including the camera that documented the first landing on the moon. The two companies announced their first joint product in July 2016 — a combination of the M600 drone platform with the A5D medium format camera. Hasselblad remains the only medium format camera company to collaborate with DJI.

DJI announced a slew of new products at NAB this week, including a new advanced controller, the Ronin 2, Crystal Sky, and a new premium customer service plan called DJI Circle. It also announced new FPV goggles called DJI Goggles.

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