AES Corporation and Measure partner to make infrastructure inspections safer

Washington, D.C.-based startup Measure and Arlington-based power utility AES Corporation today announced a partnership to make energy infrastructure inspections safer using drones.

Measure operates as a drone service provider, having built out a national network of licensed pilots. The pilots are trained to  acquire, process, and deliver aerial data to enterprise customers for projects such as cell tower inspections, construction development, precision agriculture, disaster response and live media coverage.

Measure’s pilots flew more than 1,100 flights throughout 2016 — that’s about three flights a day.

With the AES Corp. partnership, drones will carry out infrastructure inspections in 17 countries, cutting out 30,000 hours of hazardous work per year by using drones to do inspections that humans would otherwise do.

AES Corp. provide low-cost sustainable energy to 17 countries through distribution businesses and thermal and renewable generation facilities.  AES Corp. generates $15 billion a year in sales powering homes.

Drones are increasingly being used for infrastructure inspections since they typically can be safer, easier, less time-consuming and lower cost than traditional applications. For example, inspection of power lines with drones does not require high-voltage power lines to be shut down, and drones can capture high resolution images from an optimum perspectives and transmit images in real time.

Measure CEO said that Measure uses a variety of hardware to do their work, ranging from higher end drones to DJI drones that you can purchase off the shelf, such as a DJI Inspire.

Earlier this year, Measure announced a $15 million Series B funding round with LionTree Advisors acting as the financial advisor. Measure’s last investment round was in September of 2015.



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