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Going to the Super Bowl? Leave your drones at home

Here’s your annual reminder: the Super Bowl is a No Drone Zone.

The Federal Aviation Administration sent out a public service announcement reminding people that the airspace around NRG Stadium in Houston is a No Drone Zone for the Super Bowl.

This year’s Temporary Flight Restriction will prohibit drones from flying within a 34.5-mile radius of NRG Stadium in downtown Houston, Texas on game day. The restrictions will be in effect from 4 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 5.

This announcement has come for a couple years now, and similar “No Drone Zone” announcements have been sent out by the FAA for events like the Papal Visit in 2015 and Trump’s inauguration.

There’s even a video ad about it, though I can’t say this ad is nearly as good as the other Super Bowl ads that have hit so far. Personally, I’m looking forward to Adam Driver’s live ad.

Can’t keep track of where you can and can’t fly (Super Bowl Sunday or just any day?) Before every flight, I recommend checking in your flight location on AirMap. It’s a useful and free tool to see if you are flying too close to an airport (5 miles is actually broader than most people think!), in otherwise restricted areas such as a National Parks or during special events like the Super Bowl.


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