drones flying over disney world

‘Better than fireworks’: people react to drones flying over Disney World

When you wish upon a star at Walt Disney World, you might end up with drones flying over Disney World instead.

300 drones are flying over the skies at Disney Springs, the Orlando, Fla. theme park’s shopping district.

Intel and Disney partnered up to create the ‘Starbright Holidays’ drone light show, the first ever large-scale drone performance in the U.S. The drone show occurs twice every night at 7 and 8:30 p.m. and lasts six minutes, with 10 different scenes and songs.

So how does it all work? Disney released its own behind-the-scenes, making of the drone light show video.

The drones  take off over land, and then fly out over the water adjacent to the entertainment district for the performance, before returning to land to descent. Water taxis and ferries that typically operate in the water temporarily cease operation while the show is in progress.

And here’s what people are saying about it:

The show make use of Intel’s “Shooting Star” drone that was announced earlier this year. The drone is about the weight of a volleyball and can be programmed with relative easy to light up in any shape and in 4 billion color combinations for commercial entertainment light shows.

The show will run through Jan. 8.  The shopping district, unlike the theme parks, has no admission fee, so the drone show is completely free to the general public.

The feeling is mutual, Stefanie.

You can watch the entire show on YouTube below, but I’m guessing this doesn’t do justice to seeing it in person.


  • Steve says:

    I’ve made it to the show twice. The tech is extremely impressive! They put on a very nice (but short ) show. If you are at the resort and have a chance don’t miss this new tech in it’s infancy!

  • Eric says:

    It was cool but no where near as good as the fireworks show. Anyone saying that is probably employed by Disney and trying to overhype the show so they can cut costs and stop the fireworks.

  • Ed Bush says:

    What great imagination.

  • wow its am amazing idea! Lots of creativity can be done using drones this way. Its super awesome looking thing in the night sky. I loved this concepts. The future will going to be rocking with the drone technology. Drones are growing rapidly and will be an integral part of many industries. Thanks a ton.

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