best drone photos of 2016

Need drone video inspiration? See the best drone footage of 2016

2016 saw the rise of some seriously incredible drone footage.

It’s no longer enough to have an aerial photo and automatically dazzle your Instagram followers simply because it’s a complete different angle. The novelty effect has worn off, and the bar is raised.

Why? It seems as though everyone has a drone now. The $999 DJI Mavic Pro is so portable, there’s no excuse for missing an opportunity to take a drone photo simply because you didn’t have your drone with you — it fits in your purse! On the professional end of the spectrum, you’ve got the $2,999 DJI Inspire 2. In fact, DJI produced a short film shot entirely on the Inspire 2.

To have incredible drone footage, it most be seriously incredible. Lighting, framing, storytelling — they are all important. The NYC Drone Film Festival compiled the best footage from its participants into one, 3-minute long video.

Check it out for some inspiration!

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