drones cost under $200

Want a drone for Christmas? These drones cost under $200

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Looking for a drone for Christmas and looking to spend between $100 and $200? The drones on the market this year are better than ever — and they keep getting cheaper.

If you can’t have the new Phantom 4 Pro, and even want something cheaper than the $450 Phantom 3 Standard, there are great options out there that still shoot video!

UDI RC has a solid lineup of drones that let you see what the drone sees through your smartphone or tablet while recording video. I tested out the UDI Blue Jay and the WiFi FPV drone with VR headset, and here’s how they stack up:udi rc blue jay
U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV drone

The Blue Jay drone costs $129.99 and is incredibly light and easy to fly. You charge the drone’s battery via USB, insert your own AA batteries into the controller, and download the UDI app for smartphone. You also have to screw on the legs and propeller guards, but it’s very minimal assembly.

The drone has an altitude hold function, which makes it very easy to fly at first try (and gather some decent footage). There’s also a takeoff and landing button, so the drone will automatically hover at a preset altitude after you press the takeoff button.

As far as video quality, the Blue Jay captures 720p high definition photos and videos with a 2MP camera. While it IS “high definition” (this is a criteria many people have when asking me for drone recommendations), keep in mind it is often the megapixels that matter. I’ll let you be the judge — check out my YouTube video! — on whether that is sufficient quality. For context, the significantly more expensive, $450 Phantom 3 Standard shoots 12 megapixel video.

The smartphone app lets you see what your drone sees.

The smartphone app lets you see what your drone sees.

The video records to your phone and a micro SD card, which comes with the drone.

It also can do flips, which is a pretty fun party trick. The drone’s battery life is only about 8 minutes so hopefully your party doesn’t last too long — but the really great thing is it comes with 2 batteries (nice touch!) and a portable USB charging bank, so technically you have more flight time than just the 8 minutes.

I absolutely loved playing with the Blue Jay, and for $129 it’s a perfect gift for someone getting into drones!udi rc discovery fpv

U818A Wifi FPV Drone 

The U818A Wifi FPV drone is the slightly more advanced version of the Blue Jay.

In many ways, it is quite similar. It has all the features I love about the Blue Jay, including the altitude hold, FPV view through the smartphone app, and an extra battery and power bank.

It also shoots the same video quality — 720p high definition photos and videos with a 2MP camera.

You don’t have to screw on any prop guards or legs with this one — the drone already comes with them built in. Other than that, both drones really fly the same.

This drone comes with VR goggles!

This drone comes with VR goggles!

The main difference with this drone is that it comes with a VR headset, so you can fly like you have FPV goggles on — like the drone racers do.

It was pretty nifty, and a cool experience for people who wouldn’t have the opportunity to try the “real deal” that drone racers use such as Fatshark goggles. However, I felt like the VR headset was cheap — it’s basically goggles with a mount for your iPhone — and thus a little difficult to see clearly and use. I gave up pretty quickly and reverted to flying line of sight with the drone, while referencing my smartphone to occasionally see what the drone’s camera sees.

fpv headset

Insert your smartphone in the mount of the VR goggles to fly with a first person view.

Both drones have the ability to fly in headless mode (basically a flight mode where you don’t have to worry about which way the drone is facing in order to maneuver the direction of it). While I don’t condone headless mode as a means of learning how to be a better drone operator, it is very handy to shoot selfie videos — I used it myself when shooting this YouTube video.udi rc blue jay

The verdict?

The main difference between the two drones is the VR Headset. If you have an interest in getting into FPV drone racing, it would be worth paying the extra $30 for the U818 and getting the more expensive drone with goggles. However, if you are looking for a cool party trick and some basic aerial images, I would save the $30 and get the Blue Jay, since the FPV goggles felt cheap.

But on that note, this drone is low cost, but an incredible value for what you get. The FPV goggles were the only item that felt a little cheap, and the rest of the drone was truly fantastic for just about $150.

The main factor to consider when investing in one of these two drones is they won’t be of the video quality you can expect to get from a significantly more expensive drone — hence why they are so much more expensive! But as far as the experience of drone flying goes, both of the UDI drones were incredible easy to setup, use, light, portable and fun. Happy flying!


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  • Maegan Beh says:

    Hi. I really am interested in drone but I never had one before. I want to experience the feeling of flying a drone .

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    I’ve always loved flying drones and my favorite place to fly them is at #kammerermiddleschool and I’ve never had one and they are just so much fun !!

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    #kammerermiddleschool is my favorite place to fly drones!

  • Syd Taylor says:

    My favorite place to fly a drone is seneca park with my big sis. I am in the Kammerer photo club and my sister is in broadcasting. If won a drone we would fly it together to get some AWESOME pic’s. Good luck to everyone else!

  • Sydney says:

    My favorite place to fly drones is at Kammerer middle school. Would be so excited to get a drone. I would rap it up and give it to my sister for Christmas.

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    My favorite place to fly drones is Kammerer middle school. Would have so much fun with a drone

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    #I would love to fly this at Kammerer middle school

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    I want to fly this drone at kammerer middle school

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    My favorite place to fly a drone is at Kammerer middle school.

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    My favorite place to fly a drone is at kammerer middle school the best school in the world

  • Jesse says:

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    Myfavoritr place to fly is kammerer middle school

  • marc add says:

    Have recently tested the UDI blue Jay and was really impressed. I think it is a really good value for money and great way to start learning. No favorite place to fly a drone personally. So many great spots out there especially during Christmas time !

  • Rich Crowley says:

    My favorite place to fly my done is in a large parking lot across the street. Still new to this and so far my drone is in one piece. Hope to fly as well as Dronegirl someday.

  • Mikail Pardiwala says:

    I bought this drone and managed to get one of the motors off balance. Where does one get spares for this model?

  • It’s under 200 dollars and truly worth the price, even more than if I am right. U45 Blue Jay is a good choice for those who want to get a drone under $200 with a good set of features. You can also have a loot at http://quadcopterr.com/best-drones-under-200-dollars/
    The FPV feature is my favourite. I like to see the live footage via the quadcopter’s camera. Thanks so much.

  • sammie says:

    Very Nice suggestion for drones under 200 bucks. I personally like the Blue Jay but there are more options like MJX bugs3 and Force 1 ect..Lots of drones in this price range are toy drone which can fly 6-10mins, the flying time of MJX bugs3 can reach to 15mins, so i think it worth to mention it. Selectedo

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