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Disney, Intel partner up for a drone light show at Walt Disney World

A drone light show is coming to Walt Disney World, sending 300 drones in the air in a choreographed show set to holiday-themed music.

Intel and Disney today announced the ‘Starbright Holidays’ drone light show, the first ever large-scale drone performance in the U.S. The drone will occur twice every night and last six minutes, with 10 different scenes and songs.

The show will light up the skies over Disney Springs, the theme park’s shopping district. The shopping district, unlike the theme parks, has no admission fee, the drone show is completely free to the general public.

The drones will take off over land, and then fly out over the water adjacent to the entertainment district for the performance, before returning to land to descent. Water taxis and ferries that typically operate in the water will temporarily cease operation while the show is in progress.

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The show will make use of Intel’s “Shooting Star” drone that was announced earlier this month. The drone is about the weight of a volleyball and can be programmed with relative easy to light up in any shape and in 4 billion color combinations for commercial entertainment light shows.

Intel’s product manager for unmanned aerial vehicles Natalie Cheung said the show has been in the works for five months. Cheung previously had a hand in Intel’s record-breaking light show of 500 drones in the air at one time in Krailling, Germany.

Intel’s drones are not publicly for sale, and the chip maker would not disclose how much they would cost or whether they are more cost effective than their nighttime light show counterpart, fireworks. Josh Walden, SVP & GM of Intel’s New Technologies Group, said that Disney did not purchase the drones, but rather they are provided and operated by Intel’s engineers.

Walden said that Intel would assess whether to continue shows beyond the current holiday-themed show based on how the current show turns out.

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