Sky Drone FPV 2

Sky Drone FPV 2 brings unlimited range to drones over 4G / LTE cellular network

Looking to fly FPV over an unlimited range but with HD video? The Sky Drone FPV 2 may be your product.

Typically, FPV flyers have to make a tradeoff.  They’ll either get low video quality, interference issues with other radio equipment, or the need for a large tracking antenna to achieve long range flights. Or, if they have a digital video, they’ll have a higher quality video but lower latency and aren’t suitable for real time video transfer.

Sky Drone FPV 2

Sky Drone FPV is changing that.

It uses 4G/LTE mobile networks to connect the camera to a ground station app, which receives and displays a video stream. Such transmission is low-latency with less than 150ms of end-to-end latency and can provide HD quality even over hundreds of kilometers of distances. At the same time, a bi- directional data / telemetry channel, allows to pass information like MAVLink from the drone to a groundstation (e.g. QGroundControl) and even back to the drone from a groundstation.

sky drone fpv 2 lte cellular

The company started as an Indiegogo campaign in 2013, with units shipping earlier this year. While it never initially met its funding goal, its backers included CEO of 3D Robotics Chris Anderson and o-Founder of DroneDeploy Mike Winn.

This is now the second version of the Sky Drone FPV.

Sky Drone FPV 2 costs $699, is available worldwide and comes in two versions: a Europe/Asia and a U.S. version.


  • Mia says:

    I am not sure I understand how this works – the Sky Drone system is a module, modem and camera…do I just unplug the camera from any drone and put this on instead? Or are there only certain drones that it will work with?

    • Angus whitehouse says:

      Im sure that these are Raspberry PI attached to a pixhawk Auto Pilot running over gsm. This lets yoy fly by stick or mavling, which lets you set waypoints for the drone. If you know a programmer and watch youtube you can build them easily yourself. Its just not as nice looking and takes some time to get it right. But many people do it. Or if yoy know the pixhawk you can use an app on Android that does same thing called ANDRUAV. Youtube above info so RASPBERRY PI gsm pixhawk mavlinnk or like. And search ANDRUAV theres a whole forums on both.
      Good luck its fanrastic for fixed wing as higher up and longer flight time but dose work on quads.

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