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Need a zoom lens for your drone? This may be it

Need a zoom lens for your camera?

For years, your “zoom” is often pitching your drone forward, or lowering the altitude of your drone. But in some situations, such as one of the first times I ever used a drone to photograph a fire (the smoke kept sending the drone higher), a zoom lens on the camera is imperative.

A zoom camera is also useful for cases like cell tower inspections, where drones need to be able to operate beyond the range of the cell tower’s electromagnetic fields, or for wind turbine inspections that need detail while staying away from the dangerous turbines.dji zenmuse z30 tapzoom

Drone maker DJI today launched the Zenmuse Z30, an aerial zoom camera targeted at industrial applications. The zoom is intended to collect visual data from over 100 meters while collecting precise details. It has 30x optical zoom and an additional 6x digital zoom.

zenmuse drone cameraThe zoom camera is intended to integrate with the DJI Matric out of the box.

“With its extended range, enterprise clients can conduct millimeter-level inspections without the need to fly close, ensuring high flight safety, while increasing speed and efficiency,” said Paul Xu, director of DJI Enterprise Solutions.

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