Mavic Pro begins shipping today

The long-awaited Mavic Pro from DJI will begin shipping today.

DJI’s first tiny, portable drone was announced in late September, with the intent to begin shipping Oct. 15 and arrive in stores by Nov. 2.

A Reddit forum devoted to the DJI Mavic pointed out delays, included at retailers like B&H and Amazon.

“I wonder why they lied to everyone…I genuinely believe the support staff had no idea that the shipments were going to be delayed based on every one contacting them and everyone getting different dates…super shady from a company this size,” one user wrote.

To be fair, product delays are quite common.  Recently, the iPhone 7 experienced delays due to supply chain aberrations.

That being said, the timing in relation to the announcement of GoPro’s tiny, portable Karma drone did raise some eyebrows.

“Because what better way to steal the karma’s thunder than by announcing one week after and promising a shipping date one week earlier than the karma’s pre-order date?” another Reddit user wrote.

About a week later after the expected ship date, DJI on Friday announced Mavic would begin shipping.

“Demand is heavy, and we are working round the clock to get the Mavic Pro in your hands,” a DJI representative said in an email statement.

GoPro’s Karma drone is expected to be released on Oct. 23.

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