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Meet rising drone star Miranda Chavoya

Miranda Chavoya is one of the drone world’s rising stars. She’s currently a flight instructor for the Sky Eye Network — and also still in high school! She’s a small business owner who passed the FAA’s Part 107 test.

Meet Miranda Chavoya!

Miranda Chavoya

Courtesy Miranda Chavoya

Drone Girl: How did you get into drones?

Miranda Chavoya: I was introduced to drones by the Drone Boss. He showed me some videos of what drones can do and taught me how to fly one. I like to say that I fell in love at first flight.

DG: At what point did you decide to make a business out of it?

MC: I’ve always wanted to start a business of my own, and I wanted to get involved in an industry that was unique and that I would love. I decided to have a drone business after I realized what drones could do and how new the industry was.Miranda Chavoya kayla

DG: You’re doing an event in Salt Lake now. What are some of the coolest events you have done?

MC: I am currently a Flight Instructor for the Sky Eye Network. It has been my favorite part so far. It is really exciting to see others start their drone business and to know that I trained them to fly drones!

DG: You’re still the age of most high school students — that’s awesome. What do your classmates and friends think about the fact that you already have a full-fledged drone business?

MC: I was homeschooled, so that allowed me to go at my own pace…I graduated at the end of last year. I was so excited to start this business that I decided to finish early. Learning never stops though, and I am already enjoying learning and experiencing all sorts of new things.

All of my friends are all really excited about what I am doing and are even interested in starting drone business’ of their own. I have a tremendous amount of support and I am grateful for that.Miranda Chavoya kayla drone

DG: What type of drone gear are you using?

MC: I currently use a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for my business. I am looking forward to getting an Inspire.

I have flown and instructed with several different models of drones and I find them to all be fun!

DG: How many people are part of your business?

MC: My little sister, Marissa, currently works alongside me, helping with photography and post production. I am looking to hire some drone pilots to expand my business.

DG: What are some of the challenges of running a business?

MC: I think the main challenge for me is time management and efficiency. I am getting everything systematized to have smooth operation.

DG: You passed the Part 107 test — congrats! What was that like?

MC: Thank you! It was pretty awesome! I was a little nervous, but when I finally got in there I had plenty of time and just got through it. I passed by a close margin, but it was still a pass. I’m happy to say that I was one of the very first to pass in the state of Idaho!

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  • Roseanna Montoya says:

    I just got a mavic pro I’ve had it for over a month and petrified of flying it worried about crashing it I fly a racing drone so you would think I could lol but yeah I’m scared to fly it

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