dancing with the stars drone

This Dancing with the Stars drone footage is seriously epic

To those of you who watched the premiere of Dancing with the Stars Season 3, you might have caught a tiny glimpse of a drone on the screen. It’s easy to miss.

What’s significantly harder to miss is that the intro of the show was shot in one continuous, two-minute clip. The footage shows all of Season 23’s Celebrity Contestants and Pro Dancers dancing to “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons from Los Angeles’s Griffith Observatory.

The drone starts with a wide shot of the whole building, then zooms into the side of the building, and eventually pans around the whole building.

It leaves me wondering, “how’d they do that,” while also inspiring to practice my piloting to get somewhere close to that level of precision.

As for that one tiny glimpse of the drone I mentioned? You can see a shadow of the drone as it runs across a wall and staircase for a split second at the 0:26 mark.

That shot takes extreme skill, and it’s awesome to see drones being used for good on national TV — in conjunction with dance no less.

How’s that for some dronespiration?


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