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GoPro Karma drone: here’s another preview video

GoPro Karma Drone will be unveiled on Monday, September 19.

GoPro announced its drone would be delayed back in March (Karma was initially expected to be released in the first half of 2016).

But after a yawn-inducing video depicting a flight through a forest released in December 2015, GoPro has finally released footage we can get excited about. A video released on September 8 shows a flight through a library. The drone looks to have incredible precision as it weaves through bookshelfs and between a lamp on a study desk.


Found and chief executive of GoPro Nick Woodman calls Karma “much more than a drone.”

It’s unclear what the drone will look like, but some have indicated that the animated drone seen in “The Secret Life of Pets” could be the one revealed next week.

But will it be able to compete with the wide array of drones on the market, ranging from egg drones to Intel-backed Yuneec’s drones to behemoth DJI’s lineup?

Will GoPro’s strong brand awareness be the key the drone industry needs to move forward?

Or is it too late to get into the consumer drone market?

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  • Brett says:

    A GoPro rep (who had signed a nda, and couldn’t tell me directly) implied that the Karma’s gimbal was removable and hand holdable like a feiyu or an osmo. I think that is what we are seeing in the library video.

  • BuddyFriendly says:

    Defintely not a flying device as nary a book page is blown, or a strand of hair.

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