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Ask Drone Girl: drone photography classes?

Next up in our “Ask Drone Girl” series is about drone photography classes. If you have a question for Drone Girl, contact her here.

I am photographer who is very interested in learning about drone photography. Do you know of any seminars, workshops, or classes I can take?

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Hey Jody!

I’ll start by saying that the rules of photography very much apply to drone photography.  Any photography tips, particularly when it comes to landscape photography apply here. That means the classic tips like rule of thirds, geometry and negative space are all worth thinking about.

Since it sounds like you have the photography part nailed down, it seems like a basic introduction to drones class is great for you. 

If you have never used a drone before and are looking to do an introductory training course, I recommend DARTdrones’ Phantom and Inspire day-long in-person training course. It takes place in cities around the U.S., so check the schedule to see if something works for you. I like it because it’s a mix of classroom and outdoor flying sessions, so you learn what you need to know from an instructor, and then go outside to put the flying to the test.

The classes teach you how to use a Phantom drone (very common among aerial photographers) and the Inspire drone (the more expensive counterpart to the Phantom by the same manufacturer — typically used by professional filmmakers or photographers).


Courtesy Dronestagram

A day-long course is $580, but use coupon code “dronegirl10” for 10% off, bringing your cost to $522.

Another cheaper, and possibly more convenient option is to buy a drone photography book. One of my favorites is Eric Cheng’s “Aerial Photograhy and Videography Using Drones” book. It perfectly outlines everything a beginner to drones needs to know, from safety to a basic overview of how the equipment works, to tips for better photography. You can purchase it on Amazon for $18.77.

My final (free!) tip for learning about drone photography is to simply browse the best photo sites to get inspiration. SkyPixel is a photo sharing site affiliated with Phantom-maker DJI, and it’s a massive community with tons of drone photos to browse.

Also, check out the winners from the annual Dronestagram contest for some photo inspiration.

Happy flying, and photographing!


  • David says:

    I would not recommend DARTdrones for any classes. They are way overpriced and the content is seriously lacking. Slide presentations with misspelled words and poorly designed presentations. This company is a good example of the opportunists making a quick buck in a emerging industry.

  • Dronepedia says:

    “The classes teach you how to use a Phantom drone”

    I just hope that, this year 2017, it could be a year for DJI to release Phantom 5 and maybe, the company could built something like, put the Leica lenses, if Huawei smartphone can do that, why not for the drone? Beside I agree that, you need to get a lot of inspiration from other people photo just to get he best capture or moment

  • Bruce Stein says:

    Drone photography! A new concept of photography. People often take it for profession. If anybody want to take course on it, this question of the answer can help them. The readers get more about DARTdrones, Phantom drone and Inspire drone classes.

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  • djiphotoacademy says:

    Consider us. We are the only DJI authorized drone photography team in the world. We are the most experienced, with face-to-face full-day workshops in more than 100 cities. Thanks! ~Randy & Stacy @ http://www.djiphotoacademy.com

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