Why your Blade Nano QX won’t lift off the ground

So your Blade Nano QX won’t lift off the ground?

  • You tried replacing the propellers
  • The battery is charged
  • The motors appear to be working
  • Your transmitter is bound correctly with the drone

This happened to me too, and let me make sure it doesn’t happen to you. The reason your drone likely won’t lift is because you have a “clockwise” propeller on a “counterclockwise” motor. Fix it! Here’s how:



The thing most people forget when putting on new propellers is that they are pitched differently. If the propeller you replaced it with is the same color but different pitch, it still don’t fly correctly. Make sure that each propeller is mounted exactly on the motor whether it spins clockwise or counterclockwise.

All quadcopters have two motors that spin clockwise placed diagonally from each other, and two that spin counterclockwise on the other sides. It matters what propeller you use for each motor. If a “counterclockwise” propeller is placed on a clockwise spinning motor, your drone won’t lift.my blade nano won't lift
It’s not a matter of “two blue propellers in front” and “two black propellers in back.”  Even still, you won’t get lift if you don’t place each propeller properly. Use this diagram from the manual to ensure it’s clear which propeller to put on each motor. Always read the manual!


Pro tip! Having trouble removing the propellers? Placing them firmly on the drone is great to ensure they won’t pop off mid flight or in a crash, but placing them on too firmly can make them hard to remove. Use a credit card to wedge between the propeller and the motor to gently leverage the propeller off the drone.

Happy flying!

P.S. Check out my review of the Blade Nano QX2 —  a great introduction to drone racing for FPV beginners.blade nano fat shark


  • This is very nice article . I have got too many information about nano products on this article . Thanks for sharing .

  • Steve Harmer says:

    Drone Girl. Thanks. I searched for the problem with my Nano QX 3D and your post was the only one I could find that not only helped, but resolved the issue.


  • Christopher Niven says:

    Thank you much! Your diagnosis and the helpful explanation on prop direction saved me a trip to the store. Again, thank you.


  • Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot!! You solved my problem. My nano qx 3d flies again!!

    Greetings from Munich, Germany

  • Carlo says:

    Very helpful tips, it help me get my drone to fly again.

  • UmmH says:

    Thank-you, my sons drone now works again!

  • Michael Wilson says:

    Drone Girl, I think I love you. Read your post and problem solved.
    Thank you.

  • Daniel says:

    Not my model, but very helpful. I feel like a dummy for not figuring this out on my own. Thanks!

  • Nunya Biz says:

    Yeah…. That’s NOT a Nano QX… It’s a Nano QX2. As in 2 completely different quads.

  • Erfan Al-Ghamdi says:

    Thanks. I bought el cheapo Viper Nano. The blade popped off when it hit a wall and I couldn’t find it so I put one of the spares on.
    This isn’t mentioned in the instructions. Thanks you.

  • Jan Beranek says:

    Respect! I’ve learned so much things about my nano. Thank you, it flys again.

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