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The PowerVision PowerEgg looks like an egg, but it’s a drone!

This is adapted from a piece originally written for MarketWatch.com. Read the entire piece here.

In the world of consumer-oriented drones, there are kite drones and modular drones. There are also GoPro drones and foldable drones. But there’s one common theme among this aerial menagerie: They all compete with drone behemoth DJI.

Some reports estimate that the multibillion-dollar Chinese drone manufacturer has as much as 70% of the total drone market share.

But one drone maker thinks it has a shot at taking on DJI with its newest offering.

The thing is, it looks nothing like a drone. It looks like an egg.powervision power egg

Unlike many drones, it’s geared specifically to people who don’t profess to be radio-control experts or professional photographers. While operators can use a traditional RC transmitter, PowerVision wants its customers to start flying it with a gesture-based, one-handed controller dubbed “Maestro.” It’s like a Wii video-game remote, where thrusting the controller to one side will send the drone in that direction.PowerEgg flown by kids
Some PowerEgg specs:
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs (Battery and propellers included)
  • Maximum Flight Speed: 13 m/s (Professional mode)
  • Maximum Ascent/Descent Speed: 5 m/s ascending; 2 m/s descending
  • Maximum Flight Time: Approx. 23 mins
  • Optical Positioning System Range Altitude Range: 0.66  13.12 ft
  •  Max Transmission Distance: 3.1 mi (Subject to regulation andlocal operating conditions). 

The PowerEgg drone is available for pre-order for $1,288 and begins shipping in October.

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