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Yuneec Breeze brings lower cost drones to mass market

Chinese drone maker Yuneec, arguably the first company to introduce a solid competitor to DJI’s Phantom drone, is today making moves into the mass  market with its new Yuneec Breeze drone, which costs less than $500.yuneec breeze girl

Yuneec’s Breeze drone is controlled via mobile device through a “Breeze Cam” app for iOS and Android devices, and has five  flight modes. The drone is able to fly both indoors and outdoors.

The Yuneec Breeze is targeted at a mainstream crowd who would want a drone to document vacations or just snap selfies.

Once users complete their flight, they can download the aerial photos and videos instantly through the Breeze app to share across their favorite social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp. yuneec breeze product photo

“With the popularity of selfies at an all-time high, we set out to create the ultimate, user-friendly flying camera which allows people to take their photos to new heights,” said Tian Yu, chief executive officer of Yuneec International.

It’s Yuneec’s first step into the mass consumer category.  Yuneec says the Breeze will remove “the intimidation of flying, while still providing the creative solutions consumers want to capture unique perspectives of their daily lives.”yuneec breeze beach

But it’s also reaching a relatively untapped market — people who want something better than a toy drone, but who aren’t ready to drop more serious money on a Phantom or Typhoon H. (Though I’m curious how Breeze stacks up against the $476 DJI Phantom Standard).

The Breeze, which costs $499, saves on costs by removing the controller, instead having operators fly it with their smartphone. It’s an interesting move for Yuenec, which previously stood out from its competitors by not needing a smartphone to operate (both the DJI Phantom and Autel X-Star can fly without a smartphone, though the app is nearly essential by providing first person view (FPV) and controlling settings).

typhoon h no smartphone needed

A screen grab of Yuneec’s website touts that the Typhoon H doesn’t require a smartphone.

In fact, Yuneec’s premiere drone, the Typhoon H is touted on its website as not needing a smartphone to fly.

Either way, it’s exciting to see one of the top drone makers introduce a product that completes their span of offerings — commercial, prosumer, and finally a mass consumer category of drones.

Stay tuned to Drone Girl for a review of the Breeze!


  • Bo says:

    Preview of the Breeze from this wednesday

  • I like the concept a lot. But, I’m more comfortable using a large controller like my ST-10 rather than a small smart phone. I guess it’s because I started flying RC airplanes decades ago and having a stick in a controller works for “Old Drone Dudes” like me.

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