dji drone arena

DJI drone arena: check out photos now that it’s open

The 15,000-square-foot DJI drone arena in Korea opened to the public on Wednesday.

The space is located just south of Seoul, South Korea, in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province and is equipped with safety nets, and an LED-lit circuit for pilots to fly through.

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It’s available for individuals to come in and fly for up to 3 hours for an admission fee of $13.50 per person.  It’s also available for corporate events. for $452 for 30 people and $27 per additional participant. 

The space is also open for school tours and private training.

A DJI spokesperson said the company does not yet have plans to open any stores or arenas in the U.S., but drone-flying facilities are becoming more common. Earlier this year, the Aerial Sports League announced it would open a facility in San Francisco for people to learn how to fly and build drones, and it would also host racing events.

Just four months ago, DJI opened its first overseas flagship store in Hongdae, Seoul.

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