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You have to see this LEGO drone racing circuit

If dreams really do come true, there’s going to be a LEGO set of a drone racing circuit.

A (presumably) major drone fan who goes by the username Gautier designed three LEGO sets involving drones for LEGO’s Ideas site, and one of them is a model of a drone racing course.

LEGO Ideas allows fans to create models of projects, and other users can vote for projects they likes. Projects with 10,000 supporters qualify for review from LEGO’s set of designers to evaluate making projects a reality.2570960-o_1ao8thejhbv8tsv1es27cgiah1f-full

And one of those projects is an incredible drone racing circuit. It comes with its gates, tunnels and obstacles as well as with the racing drones, the pilots, the flight line director, a trophy and a bottle of “Drone Racing Bubbles” for the victorious team! The pilots are all equipped with a radio remote control unit.

Each drone is equipped with a frontal camera that allows FPV control of the drones. The image shot by the frontal camera is sent live into the goggles of the pilot, or onto a separated standing screen. The pilot is then fully immersed into the race environment.2570939-o_1ao8tfqrcr5v1teu1em467tp19c-full

Of course, this project isn’t something you can buy — or at least not yet. It needs support of 10,000 people to be reviewed. Click here to support the project.

That’s not all in Gautier’s design book. The user also designed a drone photographer LEGO set and a drone movie crew set — all of which users can support.

But, I’ll say that the Drone Racing one is my favorite — and not just because it comes with a female pilot. 😉 2570951-o_1ao8tgnqbfeh35mnti17hbifp10-full

For those of you who can’t wait for this, it looks like there is already a LEGO-drone set, Flybrix developed a Make Your Own Drone Kit using LEGO bricks. It can be assembled in 15 minutes and comes with a R/C transmitter, receiver, pre-programmed flight control circuit board and everything else you need to actually fly, and it costs $249.

Happy flying!

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