What drone case should I buy?

Does your drone storing situation resemble something like this?


How *not* to store your drone. And protect those Lipo batteries!

You’re not alone; that was me until I stepped up my drone case game in a quest to find the perfect way of storing my drone.

There are a number of drone case manufacturers out there! I chose 3, weighed out the pros and cons, and am now leaving  it up to you to decide which is best!

Behold, the ultimate Drone Girl guide to drone cases.

*Each of these case reviews were based on it carrying a DJI Phantom.


LowePro’s DroneGuard CS400 ($149.95)

I love LowePro’s drone case because it’s the smallest of the cases in this series. Being a small person myself (I’m 4’10”), I appreciate not being dwarfed by a bulky drone case.


  • Backpack straps make it easy to transport
  • Small
  • Velcro dividers mean inside of case can be reconfigured


  • Pricier

Perfect for: The Always-On-The-Go Dronie

_MG_0393DroneHangar Lite ($109)

Custom Case Group’s ‘Lite’ product line is a series of soft-sided, lightweight carrying case fitted with a water jet cut foam cushioning system.


  • Foam cushioning system is very sturdy
  • Configuration of drone doesn’t require you to remove propellers
  • Custom fitted for DJI and Yuneec products, plus room for smaller accessories
  • Great price


  • Can’t change configuration for different drones or to fit other electronics such as a camera because drone fits into a pre-cut foam setting.
  • Large
  • No backpack straps

Perfect for: The Frugal Dronie



Ready to fly! (Except for those pesky props)

Think Thank Photo’s Phantom Airport Helipak ($199.75)

Think Tank Photo’s Phantom Airport Helipak is a large backpack with velcro foam dividers that are removable and customizable. It’s definitely big — I felt like it was too big on me (though I am quite small). But that could also be a great thing for someone with loads of gear, including multiple batteries, perhaps a laptop, an SLR, and other lenses.


  • Backpack straps make it easy to transport
  • Comfortable to carry heavy weight because backpack straps are padded and configured to provide lumbar support
  • Velcro dividers mean inside of case can be reconfigured


  • Bulky
  • Pricier
  • Need to remove propellers before zipping the case

Perfect for: The Dronie who has a lot of gear

Happy flying!


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