International Drone Day is coming in 2 weeks!


“Drones are good.” You know it if you’re a reader of this site.

But not everyone does! I still get asked questions about drones spying, stalking, taking your data and crashing.

And then there are the drones that are protecting endangered animals, bringing medicine to you, or helping harvest food.

That’s why my friends David and Sarah Oneal of “That Drone Show” created International Drone Day. The 2nd Annual Event will happen Saturday, May 7 around the world.


A snapshot of David and Sarah Oneal at International Drone Day 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Each location will be different, with some highlighting drone racing, aerial photography and videography instruction, search and rescue demonstrations and more.

Find an event near you:

The first International Drone Day had over 40,000 participants in 150 countries. I was there at the main event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See my rundown of the main event last year, where I joined That Drone Show hosts David and Sarah Oneal, Vegas hypnotist and drone enthusiast Anthony Cools, the Roswell Flight Test Crew and hundreds others for a day of flying, meeting other enthusiasts, presentations, and…tons of media interviews.

Visit ThatDroneShow for more information on International Drone Day 2016.

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