DJI introduces new Matrice 600 and Osmo at NAB

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas gives both filmmakers and developers who are interested in drones a reason to celebrate.

DJI today announced the Matrice 600 (M600) at NAB in Las Vegas. The Matrice 100 was the Chinese dronemaker’s developer quadcopter.

The M600 integrates DJI’s brand-new A3 flight controller onboard and features advanced Lightbridge 2 video-transmission technology that offers high frame rates and HD live-streaming capability at distances up to five kilometers.

“The M600 is the most-powerful and easiest-to-use professional platform DJI has ever produced,” said Senior Product Manager Paul Pan. “We’ve pre-programmed all M600 platform data and information into the A3 flight controller, remote and transmission system to minimize setup and get you flying as quickly as possible.”

The M600’s retail price, including the integrated A3 controller with Lightbridge 2 and 6 batteries, is $4,599.

And for dronies who aren’t developers but looking to get their hands on new DJI gear — there is this: an Osmo compatible with the Micro Four-Thirds Zenmuse X5R camera.

The new system, known as the Osmo RAW, uses the same technology DJI launched last month on the Inspire 1 RAW aerial to bring unmatched cinematic-quality stabilized video to the skies.

The X5R will attach to existing Osmos via an adaptor. Another new product, the Z-Axis, will sell for $129 and provide stabilization on the fourth vertical axis.

“Now, creators and filmmakers will no longer have to choose between image quality and image stability, no matter from what perspective they’re shooting,” Pan said.

DJI also introduced a new battery for Osmo that offers up to 96 minutes of shooting time at 4K resolution, vs. 66 in the prior battery. It will offer 78 minutes of shooting time for Osmo pro, vs. 60 for the other battery. The four battery charger can charge four batteries in about two hours.

Both the Matrice and Osmo are game changers for people in the film industry, providing integrated video in the air and drone-like video on the ground.

“There are other options out there, but none that integrate a top-class flight controller, video-transmission system like Lightbridge 2 and support for such a range of cameras and gimbals,” said DJI Executive Creative Director Sheldon Schwartz.

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