DJI just launched a new app that is basically the Tinder/Uber/Meetup for drones

When I first got my original DJI Phantom 1, I was the only person I knew on the planet who was interested in drones.

I did something highly NOT recommended — message random strangers on the Internet who I could tell lived near me and ask if they could give me a drone tutorial. (It worked out for me, and I made some lifelong friends this way, but don’t try this at home!)

But DJI just came up with something a whole lot less creepy.

Iphone4-1The world’s largest drone manufacturer today released a new social networking app called “DJI+ Discover,” an app that enables drone pilots to meetup while also acting as a marketplace for aerial service providers. In other words, its the “Tinder For”/”Uber For”/”Meetup For” drones.

“Drone pilots like to get together to fly, learn from each other and share experiences with like-minded people. In the same way, people want an easy way to find trustworthy professional aerial service providers nearby,” said Paul Guo, Director of E-Commerce at DJI in a prepared statement. “DJI+ Discover lets people in the same area connect socially and professionally in a way that will bind the drone community even tighter together.”

Features of the app include nearby search, experience, store and forum.

DJI+ Discover can be downloaded here.

What do you think? Have you used it? Does this fill a gap, and will it contribute to a better drone community? Leave a comment below!Iphone4-2

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