Drone video shows ‘ghost town’ Mount Rushmore

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Somewhere in Virginia, a field is home to 43 crumbling presidential statues. It’s like a ghost town version of Mount Rushmore.

The sculptures were originally built for Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Virginia, an open-air museum that opened in 2004 but closed six years later. A man named Howard Hankins saved the statues from the crusher and moved them to his farm in Croaker, Virginia.

Park Displays 18-Foot Busts Of U.S. Presidents

A view of the park from 2005, before it was shut down. Getty Images

Each of the busts is about 20 feet tall, built to line the walkways of the park, which was shut down after failing to attract many visitors. Rather than destroy the statues, Hankins transported them to his own field, a laborious process that cost $50,000 and left the statues damaged.

Hankins told The Smithsonian that his field is not open to visitors, but photographers and curious explorers have entered anyway. One Virginia drone operator did get permission to fly, and posted this footage to YouTube on behalf of Creative Dog Media:

The sculptures may be moved from Hankins’ field to be reinstalled in a new version of Presidents Park, but while they’re there, they make for an impressive landscape.

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