Beyonce has a drone in her latest music video

BEYONCÉ LEGION on Twitter   Beyoncé on the set of her new video in LA  Jan. 25 . https DrgBlkzUVL

Twitter/Beyonce Legion

We already knew Beyonce was Flawless.

But a recent tweet indicates the drone world has its own reason to be ‘Crazy In Love’ with Queen Bey.

Beyonce fan-site Beyonce Legion tweeted images of the pop queen filming her latest music video in Los Angeles. And what’s that she is looking at? A DJI Inspire drone.

Who Run the World? Drone Girls.

h/t to Popular Science for originally spotting this. Follow their Drone Reporter, Kelsey Atherton.

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  • Gary says:

    Technology is increasing and people of every field are using it in their own way, its a good move for music industry too.

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