The best-selling drone by major retailers isn’t DJI

DJI may be king of the drone world, but it’s drones weren’t the best-sellers at major retailers this holiday season.

JeeQ Data aggregated the 2015 Q4 sales data of drones that weight more than 0.55 pounds and that are sold by Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

It turns out, the best selling drone manufacturer isn’t DJI, it’s Parrot. The French drone company took the No. 1 spot, with products including the Bebop 2 and original Bebop.

See JeeQ Data’s entire results here:


When you think about it, the results really aren’t THAT surprising. The top selling drones are generally smaller, and less expensive. It’s a lot easier to fork over $449 for a Parrot Bebop on Best Buy than $2,500 for an Inspire from DJI. And it falls in the lines of advice I have always given. Start small with a drone you can afford to crash in a pool — which for most of us means you don’t want your first drone to be a big investment.

*Also note this data is based off sales from Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy online stores and do not include individual manufacturer’s sites.


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