Cirque du Soleil, National Geographic top list of NYC Drone Film Festival nominees

Nominations for the 2nd Annual New York City Drone Film Festival,coming March 4-6, are out.

Out of 330 submissions from 45 countries, the nominees have been whittled down to include Cirque du Soleil’s Sparked, National Geographic’s Lava Chaser, Corridor Digital’s The Smallest Empire, Jordan Rubin’s The Drone and the NBC News coverage of the Nepal Earthquake.

“The quantity and quality of this year’s submissions is outstanding,” said festival founder and director Randy Scott Slavin.

The judges will include Renee Lusano, Eric Cheng and Yahoo Tech founder David Pogue, presenting awards in 14 categories including Best Narrative Film, Best News/Documentary Film, Best Extreme Sports Film and Best Dronie, a selfie taken with a drone.

Here is a complete list of nominees:

E.T. Drone Home 
Taylor Chien (USA)
The Smallest Empire
Sam Gorski, Corridor Digital (USA)
Call to the Wild
George Bruce Wilson (USA)
Tim Sessler, Michael Marantz and Drew English (USA)
Dance Crazy
Katee Laine and Drew Roberts (USA) 
Jamie Brightmore (United Kingdom)
Paul Trillo (USA)
A Man with a Rake
Jehan-Benjamin Tarain (France)
Into the West
Mike Bishop (Canada)
Ghent in 2 Minutes
Michael Tiger and Michel Blanckaert (Belgium) 
Roadtrip: New Mexico
Joe Pickard and Corey Eisenstein (USA) 
Wild Scotland
John Duncan (United Kingdom)
Acrophobia: I’m Afraid of Heights
Philippe Woodtli (Switzerland)
The Wind
Karim Iliya (USA)
AfterGlow: Lightsuit Segment
Nick Waggoner and Mike Brown (USA) 
Teahupo’o Du Ciel
Eric Sterman, Brent Bielmann and Surfing Magazine (USA)
Flying Through Dresden
Stefan Mueller (Germany)
All Away
Colin Solal Cardo (France)
Rise and Shine
Robert McIntosh (USA)
Hello World
Asa Hammond and Tarik Abdel-Gawad (USA)
Dive Dive Dive
Steele Davis (USA)
Chad Nowak (Australia)
Office Space
Jonathon Davis (USA)
Carlos Puertolas (USA)
Desert Fortress
Jeffrey Worthington (USA)
Greystone Rising
Jody Johnson (USA)
1500′ TV Tower
Todd Thorin (USA)
Harness the Sun
Jordan Overman (USA)
Zombie vs. Drone
Alrik Bursell (USA)
Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich and Verity Studios (Switzerland)
Drone Blender
Damien Gallagher and Billy May (United Kingdom)
The Drone
Jordan Rubin (USA)
Dronie Proposal
Tarsicio Sañudo Suarez (Mexico)
Dronie Marietas
Tarsicio Sañudo Suarez (Mexico)
Drone in Barrel
Eric Sterman and Jamie Obrien (USA)
The Shark Dronie
Florian Fischer (Germany)
A Man, a Rake and a Drone
Jehan-Benjamin Tarain (France)
This Is Tilt
Tilt (Norway)
Skynamic Pilot Reel
Skynamic (USA)
Close to the Mountain
Yann Havis (France)
Drones: Inside the Hidden World Live
Good Morning America (USA)
Nepal Earthquake
Abraham Villela/NBC News (USA)
Lava Chaser
Sam Cossman, Jeff Hertrick and National Geographic (USA)
Expedition Alaska
Brian J. Leitten (USA)
Iceland From Above
Stefan Forster (Iceland)
Al Marmoum Camel Racing
Shoayb Khattab (United Arab Emirates)
Chicago Bean
Dirk Dallas (USA)
Sunrays in the Mist
Mont Saint Michel
Jérémie Eloy (France)

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