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Jet Jat Nano: Here’s a drone for your stocking (that actually fits inside)

jet jat nanoThe Jet Jat Nano is the tiniest little drone I’ve ever seen.

Creatively and compactly packaged, everything you could possibly need to fly it fits in the RC transmitter, including the drone itself. The drone sits in a case inside the transmitter, which in itself is small enough to fit in a loose pocket.

It doesn’t have a camera on it, so this is purely for someone interested in having a drone just for the sake of flying it.

jet jat nano controllerFlying it is a challenge, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As with most small drones, there’s no altitude hold, and the drone goes out of control with any minor movements. But for someone who wants to learn precision piloting, this may be the stocking stuffer for you. If you can master this little drone, you can master anything.

In fact, something like this is what I would recommend beginner pilots buy. There is no sense in throwing your brand new $1000 Phantom in the air that you got for Christmas with zero flying experience. I’ve heard of a lot of Phantoms end up in the pool or on the roof that way.

drone girl jet jat nanoI love the idea of getting the hang of the controls on a $30 or $40 drone, and then progressing on to the real deal.

And for someone who just enjoys the thrill of flying, this will do that for you without requiring you to spend $1,000.

The drone works outdoors or indoors, so it’s a cool party trick.
It’s tough to control, but durable. My sister, a Phantom owner, let the Jet Jat Nano get out of control and end up on a hillside down below, but everything survived just fine. A full charge (via USB) takes about 45 minutes and will give you about 10-15 minutes of flying time.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive ‘drone’ to fly that is highly durable and fun for everyone, the Jet Jat deserves a spot in your stocking this year.sally tiny drone

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