Coupon codes for drone training courses? Check this out

Slide06The FAA expects 1 million drones to be sold this holiday season — and that inevitably means a lot of new pilots out there.

DARTdrones Flight School is offering a new two hour, indoor introductory course to drones and the industry, with classes scheduled through January around the country.

And now, you can save $25 off a course using coupon code “SANTACERTIFIED1.”

The course is a brief overview of all the things new drone pilots red to know – from FAA rules to equipment considerations to safety tips such as creating a flight log and emergency preparedness.

DARTdrones was created by CEO Abby Speicher, a serial entrepreneur who realized she needed drone training after a near-crash during a business pitching competition, where she was demoing drones to the judges.

“That’s the point I realized I needed a training course,” Speicher said. “And so we decided, ‘alright, let’s just make a drone training school.’”

Check it out, and happy flying!

*You can still use coupon code “DroneGirl10” to get 10% off DARTdrones’ Phantom 3 and Inspire Training: Part 1 and 2 courses.


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  • Săndel says:

    Ok… this guy’s words: “That’s the point I realized I needed a training course, and so we decided, ‘alright, let’s just make a drone training school.”
    This Sphincter guy is telling me he knows crap about piloting multirotors and he decides to teach others about it!!!
    And ask money for it!

    So, if I’m telling you, lass, I can’t fly stick but I’ll teach you for a couple of bucks and give you a diploma, you’d actually fill me pocket with greenery and attend the classes?
    Good Mother of God, this world is going to the dumpster…

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