The drone laser dance party that is actually pioneering some incredibly important technology

Watching PRENAV’s drones in action resembles something of a laser dance party.

At least, if your first intro to them is their award-winning video “Hello World.” Out of 153 total submissions to the Flying Robot International Film Festival, the San Francisco Bay Area-based startup PRENAV’s video on their work took home the top prize in the festival’s “LOL WTF” category.

But the video means a lot more than just, “WTF.” It’s a literal and creative representation of how precise autonomous drone flight can be.

“The video began as an exploration of how we could demonstrate precision drone flight in a visually appealing way,” saidNathan Schuett, CEO of PRENAV.  “We decided to try something that had never been done before – drawing accurate shapes, letters and animations in the sky with a drone – and we’re very pleased with how ‘Hello World’ turned out.”

The company’s drones take photographs of subjects such as cell towers and wind turbines from precise locations in close proximity to other structures to build 3D reconstructions. The images are used to inspect damages, serial numbers, nuts and bolts.

The product launch of the PRENAV precision drone system is slated for 2016.


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