Parrot and PowerUp launch Kickstarter for paper airplane drone

PowerUpFPV5Who needs carbon fiber when you have paper?

French drone maker Parrot, maker of the popular Bebop drone, and PowerUp Toys today launched a new Kickstarter for the world’s first paper airplane drone with a live-streaming camera on it.

Yes, a paper airplane drone — and it’s being made through Kickstarter with a funding goal of $100,000.

The Tel Aviv-based company PowerUp Toys is not new to the remote-controlled paper space. The company’s $49.99 smartphone controlled paper airplane allows flyers to control the motor’s power for descending or ascending during flight; and the rudder for changing direction. That raised $1.2 million in a Kickstarter campaign. The company also previously made a paper motor boat.

PowerUpFPV13But their latest product creates a first-person-viewing (FPV) experience via paper drone, letting  people experience what it’s like to sit in the cockpit of a paper airplane, directly on their smartphone, or using a Google Cardboard headset.

“As a pilot, I wanted to give people the same feeling of sitting in the cockpit and being the controls with the simplicity of paper airplanes,” said Shai Goitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys. “With a live video experience straight to your cell phone or VR headset, you can control the plane with movements of your head, giving you the sense that you are flying through the air, riding your paper airplane.”

PowerUp is partnering with Parrot, which provides the wifi video stream for the PC Boards. The partnership began when Goitein met Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux a year ago at CES, a PowerUp spokesperson said.

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