How to make money on your aerial photography service

For Canada’s Alex Wright, a first tier DJI distributor, it’s not as tough a question as you would think.

Wright focuses on wholesale and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get into selling drones. His online store, Drone Depot, is one of the largest in Canada. And his advice to people looking to sell drones or their aerial photography services?

Focus on a niche market.

“Rather than have a huge list of services and a crazy demo reel, show you’re an expert in one specific field,” Wright said in a talk at the International Drone Day in Las Vegas, Nevada. The market is going to get super saturated really quickly when the FAA opens up those regulations.”

That’s exactly what Wright did when the industry started opening up in Canada.

“I came into a market that was quite saturated already as a pilot, so I focused on boating,” he said.

Within his niche of boating, he photographed the Toronto Boat Show and helped brokerages sell boat. He photographed boat festivals and boat racing.

“I made boats my niche,” Wrightsaid. “I’m the boat guy! And that worked so well for me.”

Beyond just finding a niche, Wright has 3 other tips for monetizing your aerial photography services.

  • Become the expert. “Whether there is an existing grip and you’re participating it or you’re going to create a group, become the expert.”
  • Post news and updates on your online profile. “Show that you’re doing work. Show testimonies.”
  • Network! “The last thing is, make friends in the drone industry”


  • Aaron Reinhold says:

    Tis is neat. I live in Aspen, CO and would love to make a business off aerial, mountain photography. I own two “Karma” drones and am picking up some of “DJI’s” newest drones. I fly a lot and have a lot of photography on instagram: @strategicninja. Do you have any advice on how to start a business doing this?

  • Wonderful article and I really appreciate it for sharing but I’m searching for the Aerial photography services in New Jersey, can you please tell? Thanks 🙂

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