6 drones you need to see at CES

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The drones are coming in droves so large, that the Consumer Electronics Association devoted an entire area of the CES conference to the flying robots.

The global market for consumer drones is expected to approach $130 million in revenue in 2015, increasing by 55% from 2014, according to CEA research.

“Drones and unmanned systems are being used to assist in a variety of applications, from aerial coverage for sports and real estate, to assistance in search and rescue and disaster relief missions,” said Karen Chupka, a vice president at CEA.

Here’s a guide to some of the most innovative and important drones you need to know:


Hubsan X4 Pro with Parachute

What happens when your drone collides with something and crashes? Instead of a 5 pound piece of metal falling from the sky, the Hubsan X4 Pro offers a solution — a parachute. The parachute can be removed or assembled freely and used multiple times.

In addition, the drone comes equipped with a 1080p high definition camera, 3 axis gimbal rotation and automatic return to home technology.

The release date and cost of the Hubsan X4 Pro has yet to be announced.

6 drones you need to see at CES   MarketWatch

Wearable drones

Two of 2015’s top tech trends are drones and wearables, so why not combine them into one? Intel released a small drone that can be worn on the wrist as a slap bracelet until it is launched into the air. Called “Nixie,” the drone is powered by Intel’s Edison kit. The drone can be used not only as a high-tech fashion statement, but for taking pictures.

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