Drone Girl guest post

Want to write a guest post for Drone Girl? We want your submissions!

Surely you have feelings about drones, and we want you to share them here!

Drone Girl is now accepting article submissions so you can get your voice heard! Maybe you’ve talked your families’ ears off about the wondrous things a drone can do, or perhaps you’ve found some awesome drone video that must be shared.

Maybe you just want to post once, or maybe you’d like to post once a week. Either way, I want more voices on Drone Girl (you don’t have to own a drone, and you don’t have to be a girl…you just have to write riveting content about drones)! 

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for The Drone Girl, contact me here. Send over a pitch including a potential headline, a few sentences about what your story would be about, and anything else you think I might need to know, such as your qualifications or reason for wanting to guest post.

Here are some ideas of posts I would love to see:

  • Product Reviews
  • Top Photos
  • Flying Tips
  • How-To’s
  • Drone News Commentary

They can be serious or silly, filled with GIFs or packed with powerful prose.

The best pitches tend to have at least one (or often more!) of the following qualities:

  • Answer a tough-to-find question
  • Dig deeply into an interesting idea or hotly debated topic
  • Include unique data, charts or other visuals
  • Bring up a completely new idea that people in the industry aren’t talking about

The best guest posts showcase your expertise — and go far beyond my expertise. I love this deep dive by Jon Ellinger, an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist, who not only dug into a highly searched topic of photogrammetry, but also provided a ‘hot take’ around why the Phantom 4, despite not being the newest drone on the market, is the best drone for mapping. I also thought this piece by Mark Taylor questioning whether it’s worth going into debt for the latest drone tech is ever worth it.

No matter what you’re pitching, if you are interested in joining the Drone Girl team via a guest post, then I’m eager to hear from you! Send me a message today!

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