Aladdin Disney movie drone

11 Disney movies where happy endings would have changed with a drone

11. Magic carpet gets laid off as happy couple opts to save money and explore the whole new world with a drone


10. Rapunzel spends rest of life in her tower, curiosity for floating lanterns quelled by “follow-me” drone


9. Wendy loses will to fly to Neverland, after Mr. Darling gives her a toy drone instead as a “grown-up” present

peter pan

8. Chimney sweeping drone gives Bert more time to tap dance, never meets Mary Poppins

mary poppins

7. Gaston uses drone to rescue Belle from Beast’s castle, last petal falls, and Mrs. Potts is doomed to teapot life for eternitygiphy

6. Englishmen use drone to fly Atlantic to America, discover less gold than anticipated and never disrupt Native Americans’ lives


5. Buzz Lightyear doll can’t fly on its own, replaced by fancy toy drone that REALLY flies


4. No one even uses cars anymore because we have drones!


3. Alice sends help signal via drone back up rabbit hole, doesn’t have to deal with trauma of Wonderland


2. Dumbo not even self-conscious about big ears anymore, now all the other elephants can fly too!


1. Wall*E reigns supreme. Even these newfangled, flying robots always fall for a rover with a big heart.


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