What should we call me: drone edition

When everyone comes up to you while you’re trying to focus on flying


When you think about how much you’ve invested in equipment


When someone asks how high it can go


When you find out DJI is coming out with a new drone


When your neighbor asks if you plan to spy on them


When your local media contacts you and asks if they can write about your hobby


When someone wants to know if they can try flying it


When you finish your flight and find out you got some really awesome images or data


What else are you frequently asked? Or what are other common drone feelings? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Erron says:

    My uncle was lost in the Trinity Alps in Northern california. The official search has been called off. We know the area he fell and the search and rescue teams can’t get close due to the conditions. We are hoping to use a UAV to search where the helicopters haven’t gone or can’t see. Do you know of anyone in northern California that might be able to help. We have access to a helicopter that could fly the drone pilot and gear into the Alps. So far I have contacted multiple companies that design drones and they cannot assist without a COA from the FAA. Thanks for any help. If you have any ideas please email me.

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