5 essentials for happy drone flying

What are some essential (and non-essential) tools you need to bring before going out flying? Drone Girl reached out to her top Twitter fans for their feedback, and the answers returned range from the obvious, the practical, to the truly exceptional. Think I missed something? Leave a comment below, or tweet @thedronegirl!

1. Battery checker


Tons of you jumped to the practical answer; @CosmoRogers, @rcflyingbits and @Hovership_RC all think it is imperative to have a LiPo checker.

Ditch the Energizer Bunny; drones traditionally run on LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries must be handled with extreme care, and one way to care for them is to make sure you don’t overcharge batteries or run down batteries. Also they are like $10, so just buy one.

And Mr. Rogers is certainly correct. It is absolutely, very, extremely awkward when you go out to fly, plug in your battery, and realize your battery has no juice. Don’t be awkward. Get a battery checker!

2. Neck strap


@AaronsRobotics recommends getting a neck strap, something Drone Girl does not have. Seems like a great idea though! Since the idea of a drone is full autonomy (while having the transmitter in close proximity, for safety of course!), this seems like the perfect solution. Free up your hands so you can sit back and drink a cup of coffee while your drone flies. And while we’re at it, perhaps we can start a new fashion trend!

3. Sunglasses and/or hat


@Robot_Follower and @ArlandWhitfield both say some type of shade device is of utmost importance. Inevitably your drone will be directly in front of the sun, and safety says to always keep your eye on the drone. Since most of us mortals don’t have superpowers enough to look directly at the sun, I concur with this suggestion.Bonus points for recursive sunglasses, so you can swipe them off your face in celebrity style and still have proper eye protection.

4. Proper food and hydration

Like any outdoor activity, stay hydrated! Bring a bottle of water and maybe some snacks to munch on, depending on how far out into the world you venture to fly your drone. Or you can take @thrusty‘s sage advice, but remember, you didn’t hear it from me. Also don’t drink and drone.


5. A friend!


This suggestion is for safety and for funsies! Never fly alone, because you always want a spotter to keep an eye out on the surroundings while you focus on safe flying. Also, flying is way more fun with friends!

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