Week Two thought roundup

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 12.06.22 PMIt’s been two weeks since I flew my DJI Phantom on its maiden voyage– crazy that it hasn’t been that long. Anyway, here are my first impressions on the first couple weeks.

Everyone has been so nice and friendly! I’ll be walking through a park and so many people will make a quick comment like ‘cool copter.’ Other times people will ask what is it. And I’ll fly, and then people get interested and ask tons of questions. I love when people ask questions! It’s great to see curiosity and friendliness within the community. People want to ask what I’m doing, where I got my drone, etc.

Definitely though, one of the most common things I get is “so you can spy on people.” Hypothetically I guess you could, but I think a lot of media misconstrues what you can do with a drone. Generally, people think of California’s anti-paparazzi laws and they also think of drone warfare. Both are things, without getting too political, that I’m not terribly fond of.  The cool thing about people talking to me though is that they see the different kind of work I’m doing, which changes their perception. It’s exciting to be a part of a technology in its early stages and shape what can be done with it.

I obviously have a ton of things to improve in terms of my photography, and in the future I hope to get into video, as well as get in touch with other drone users and not be a one-man band. But I’m so grateful for the support and advice I’ve gotten to make it this far. Here’s to at least another two weeks!

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