SLIDESHOW: Behind-the-scenes with the Amelia Droneharts!

The Amelia Droneharts were featured in DJI’s  video to celebrate International Drone Day!

Six Droneharts, including The Drone Girl, met up in LA for the first-ever DroneHarts meet up at the beginning of the year.

The Droneharts were formed as a way for women who fly, build or are curious about RC to virtually connect through Facebook. The goal is to inspire females of all ages to get their hands on drones, for any reason — search and rescue, roof inspections, farming, art, journalism and a million other applications.

Why do the Droneharts have a female only group? 

While women should participate in the broader drone community, they are still a minority. 100% of the executive leadership at venture-backed drone companies 3D Robotics and Skycatch is male.

The Droneharts is the only place in the drone world where women are not a minority.

By joining The Droneharts, women don’t have to feel afraid of being objectified or not taken seriously because of their gender. There are no guys wearing shirts of “sexy” women in this community. There is no one”eye candy” of young women in tube tops that say “Remove before flight.

So, if you want to see what some real Drone Girls look like, check out this slideshow of our weekend in LA for the first-ever Droneharts gathering.

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